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Our website stores and retrieves information on your browser using cookies.

The following explain what cookies are and how are being used on our website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are data that our website asks your browser to store on your computer or mobile device.

It can contain information that is not identifying you personally but it is used to improve your personal web experience. These information for example can include the date and time of your visit on our website and the time you have spent on our website.

Types of Cookies:

  • Session cookies are only used while the browser is open, once you close your browser these cookies will be deleted from your computer. These are used to remember your browsing selections or provide secure access to services of our website.
  • Persistent cookies are stored on your computer even after the closure of the browser. These are deleted when they are expired or if you delete them yourself. These are used to recognise you as a repeat visitor and adapt our website’s content to your preferences.

Based on ownership, there are cookies managed by us, called In-House cookies and cookies which are managed by website other than our, called Third-Party cookies.

Based on purpose:

  • Technical Cookies: Used in order to provide access to services you have requested.
  • Analytical Cookies: on our website we use Google analytical cookies to measure how users interact with our website’s content.
  • Advertising Cookies: Used in order to provide the most appropriate and relevant advertisements to our users.

How we use cookies:

Should you give your consent for the use of cookies, our website uses these in order to improve your experience with us by distinguishing you from other users and gathering information on your preferences and choices.

Third party cookies may be installed if you interact with content on our website such us social media buttons or videos. These are subject to the relevant websites’ cookies policy and cannot be accessed by us.

Your consent:

When you visit our website, browsing and remaining on our website implies your agreement to our cookies policy.

Disabling and Blocking Cookies: our system will automatically create cookies on your browser when you visit our website however you can still use our website if you wish to disable or block cookies by configuring your browser. Information on deleting, disabling or blocking cookies can be accessed on: http://www.aboutcookies.org

Changes to our cookies policy:

We reserve the right to amend, update or adapt the above policy to reflect any legislation or interpretation of the relevant data protection agency changes. These will be applied and posted on our website as soon as they are in action.

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